The missions of a planetary defense organization dedicated to protecting Earth from a Martian menace.

Duration: 23 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1983

IMDb: 7.2

Season 1 - Terrahawks
03 Oct 1983
"The year: 2020. The Terrahawks Organisation is mounted and they are ready to defend Earth against hostilities. When an energy source is picked up heading for Earth. Lt Hiro and his robot Zeroids blast off - but fail to destroy it."
30 Apr 1985
"While the Zeroids are exploring a crater on a meteorite they believe may contain gold, Zelda sits back and smiles. The 'golden nugget' they find is secretly a bomb - planted there for just such an occasion."
22 Oct 1983
"When Zelda releases one of her allies, Lord Sram, from suspended animation and sends him to Earth. Sram is shot down by Kate Kestrel. But the alien survives the crash - and makes life very uncomfortable for Tiger Ninestein."
12 Nov 1983
"Journalists Mark Darrol threatened to expose the Terrahawks. Zelda contacts him and puts him aboard a ship taking food to the Terrahawks' base. But Tiger Ninestein has his own methods of writing off this latest threat."
10 Dec 1983
16 Jul 1985
21 May 1985
"A visit to the district moon Callisto is an unpleasant experience for Tiger and his crew. They find themselves faced by a fearsome Sporilla - one of Zelda's most terrifying monsters."
29 Oct 1983
26 Nov 1983
"Sergeant Major Zero and the Battlehawk destroy five of Zelda's cube robots in the Wild West county of Bad Water. But one cube survives and Zelda uses it to take over hill-billy Sam Oaky - and plan a shoot-out with Tiger at high noon."
05 Nov 1983
"When Spacehawk picks up an unmanned and unharmed space capsule, then finds it contains Yuri, a cuddly space bear, Mary Falconer and Kate Kestrel adopt Yuri as their pet - but the bear is really Zelda's agent."
"No description"
03 Dec 1983
"Zelda tries again. This time she spends a second Lord Sram to Earth and the alien manages to sabotage the Overlander in a valley. He boards it and sets out on a collision course with a refinery."
Season 2 - Terrahawks
17 Dec 1983
"When Lt Hiro and Kate pick up a glass cabinet of mist and take it back to Hawknest. Mary finds herself confronting Sra. Hawkeye meets Moid, and Tiger finds himself menaced by the Sportilla."
31 Dec 1983
"While they are searching for gold on Mars, two crewman from space transporter find themselves Zelda's prisoners. She holds them hostage until Ninestein agrees to come to her headquarters - to be executed by Moid."
"No description"
23 Sep 1984
30 Sep 1984
"Zelda is up to her tricks again. This time she plans to gain control of her destiny by launching another assault against her enemies. But as usual, the Terrahawks exit from the adventure victorious."
25 Nov 1984
"Moid (the Master of Infinite Disguise) has perfected an impersonation that is guaranteed to destroy Ninestein and his friends. He travels to Earth as an invisible man to wreak havoc with the Terrahawks."
24 Dec 1984
28 Oct 1984
14 Oct 1984
"After Kate Kestrel wins the World Song Contest. Ninestein receives an unexpected challenge from Zelda - who sends the mighty Seam to destroy the Terrahawks and their entire operation."
04 Nov 1984
"Richard III and Yung Star in the 21st century? What is going on? Ninestein and his team must find out soon. The scenario spells death for one of the Terrahawks team."
11 Nov 1984
21 Oct 1984
30 Dec 1984
"Aware of the fact that the Terrahawks have overcome everything she has thrown at them, Zelda decides to mount another attempt to defeat her enemies - but this time she has a powerful surprise in store."
Season 3 - Terrahawks
"No description"
27 Nov 1985
"It's attack time. Zelda plants a giant bomb under the Trans-American pipeline, while her friend Birlgoy produces a super-explosive guaranteed to take care of the Terrahawks."
04 Dec 1985
11 Dec 1985
08 Jan 1986
"No description"
29 Jan 1986
16 Dec 1984
12 Feb 1985
"An alien meteorite lands on the moon and a giant Cyclops begins to form from the wreckage - yet another of Zelda's monsters. The Zeroids attack, but the Cyclops appears unbeatable - until SM Zero has an idea."
19 Feb 1986
"Using Lord Tempo's powers. Zelda tries to introduce a time warp into Hawknest. But Mary's mind proves too strong and rejects the attempt - so Zelda decides to try the same ruse on SM Zero - with hilarious results."
09 Dec 1984
18 Nov 1984
"Zelda has a new ally, Cold Finger Finger. Together they plot to destroy Earth by bombing it with millions of tons of ice. Will her plan succeed? Or can the Terrahawks pump holes in Zelda's murderous scheme?"
12 Mar 1986